Culture and Values

A Culture of Performance:
At Brady, commitment to exceptional performance drives our business decisions every day. We design our products to perform in ways that others simply can't. Our people perform in ways that regularly exceed expectations. And our focus and discipline as a company has led to solid, long-term performance for our shareholders. In short, when performance matters most, Brady is the right choice.

Our products perform:
Brady products are not your average labels, signs and die-cut parts. Brady products perform no matter what - in extreme manufacturing temperatures, in chemicals and weather exposure, some even in electrical blackouts - providing critical information that protects premises, products and people, whenever and wherever it's needed. And we set the standards for precision, quality, durability and reliability. So when product performance matters most, Brady is the right choice.

Our people perform:
At Brady, our people are simply the best. They're experts at what they do and they work tirelessly to do it better than anyone else. They put the customer at the center of everything, and they never compromise when it comes to honesty and integrity. Brady employees continually raise the performance bar, for themselves and for others. The result? The best customer service, exceptional quality, and real value. So when the performance of the people you're dealing with matters most, Brady is the right choice.

Our company performs:
Brady's vision is to be the market leader in all our businesses in order to achieve sustainable top tier growth and profitability. How? Through discipline and focus on our growth strategies: global expansion, strategic acquisitions, innovative proprietary products and market development. Our team is committed to building value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders. So when company performance matters most, Brady is the right choice.

Our Leadership Model:
We became a leader in the marketplace by cultivating a better brand of leadership in our workplace. Our leadership models calls on all employees to:
  • Practice the values: teamwork, growth and honesty.
  • Focus on the customer.
  • Expect high performance of ourselves and others.
  • Be bold and decisive.
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable.
  • Continuously learn more and coach others.
  • Inspire one another.
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